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October 12, 2021
Web Development
Blessed Exposure
Website Design For Blessed Exposure | Lotiva

Client Overview:

B Blessed Exposure PBC is a compassionate organization with a mission to support cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments. Their aim is to provide useful gift items that alleviate the effects of these treatments, including post-mastectomy care. By leveraging personal experiences and extensive research, Blessed Exposure understands the specific needs of patients, offering guidance and a sense of companionship throughout their recovery process.

“Together we can do so much more!”
– Marcia Jones

Web Designer Working On Website | Lotiva
Creative Web Designers Working Together | Lotiva

The Challenge

Blessed Exposure PBC faced a significant challenge – their existing website, branding and online store were outdated, hindering their ability to effectively showcase their products and connect with their target audience. They needed a modern and user-friendly online store that would not only enhance the shopping experience for their customers but also convey their mission and impact in a compelling manner.

Our Solution

As a full-service digital agency, Lotiva stepped in to address Blessed Exposure PBC’s website needs. We collaborated closely with their team to understand their requirements and goals, ensuring that our solution would align with their brand identity and mission.

1. User-Centric Design:
We designed a fresh and intuitive user interface for the website, focusing on simplicity and ease of navigation. By implementing a clean and modern design, we created an inviting online environment that encouraged visitors to explore and engage with the product offerings.

2. Enhanced Online Store:
We developed a robust and secure e-commerce platform to power Blessed Exposure’s online store. Our team implemented advanced features such as product categorization, search functionality, customer reviews, and an optimized checkout process. This ensured a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to effortlessly find and purchase the products they needed to support cancer patients.

3. Compelling Content and Storytelling:
To effectively convey Blessed Exposure’s mission and impact, we crafted engaging content that highlighted their commitment to supporting cancer patients and the community. Through compelling storytelling, we showcased the personal experiences behind the organization and emphasized the importance of their work.


The collaboration between Blessed Exposure PBC and Lotiva resulted in a remarkable transformation of their online presence. The new website and enhanced online store not only provided an improved shopping experience for customers but also effectively communicated the organization’s mission and impact. Key outcomes included:

1. Increased Online Sales:
The user-friendly and visually appealing online store led to a significant increase in online sales for Blessed Exposure. Customers found it easier to browse and purchase products, contributing to the organization’s ability to provide valuable support to cancer patients.

2. Elevated Brand Image:
The revamped website showcased Blessed Exposure’s dedication to cancer patients, instilling trust and confidence in their brand. The compelling content and storytelling resonated with visitors, strengthening their connection to the organization’s mission and inspiring them to get involved.

3. Expanded Community Engagement:
With the new website’s integrated events page and calls-to-action, Blessed Exposure successfully expanded their community engagement efforts. Visitors were encouraged to participate in active campaigns, contribute to fundraising initiatives, and support other non-profit organizations serving cancer patients.


Through our collaboration, Lotiva empowered Blessed Exposure PBC to fulfill their mission of supporting cancer patients by providing an enhanced online store experience. The new website not only facilitated increased sales but also elevated the organization’s brand image and expanded community engagement.