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June 07, 2022
Web Development
Eye Candy Brow Salon
Eye Candy Brow Salon Website Design | Lotiva

Client Overview:

E Eye Candy Brow Salon is a thriving threading and eyelash salon that aims to make a significant impact in the beauty industry. With a vision of creating experiences that bring happiness and joy to their clients, they pride themselves on providing exceptional eyebrow and eyelash services. As they rapidly expanded, they recognized the need for a modern website that could grow with their business. They required integration of a store locator, booking and gift card system, and a convenient way for customers to contact them via text.

Web Design Team Mapping Out Mobile Optimization | Lotiva
A Web Design Team Discussing A Strategy | Lotiva

The Challenge

Eye Candy Brow Salon faced several challenges in their quest for growth. First, they needed a modern and user-friendly website that could effectively showcase their services, locations, and brand. Second, they required seamless integration of a store locator feature to help clients quickly find their various salon locations. Third, they needed to streamline their booking and gift card system to provide a convenient and efficient experience for customers. Finally, they wanted to integrate a text messaging feature to facilitate easy communication with their clients.

A Web Design Team Discussing Sitemap Design | Lotiva

Our Solution

Lotiva collaborated closely with Eye Candy Brow Salon to address their website development and integration needs. We provided a comprehensive solution to ensure a seamless online experience for their clients.

a) Modern Website Design:
We designed a modern and visually appealing website that captured the essence of Eye Candy Brow Salon’s brand. The website showcased their services, talented staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a clean and intuitive user interface, visitors could easily navigate the site and find the information they needed.

b) Store Locator Integration:
We seamlessly integrated a store locator feature into the website, allowing clients to quickly find the nearest salon location. The store locator utilized user-friendly search functionality, providing convenience and ease of access for customers seeking eyebrow and eyelash services.

c) Booking and Gift Card System Integration:
We integrated a streamlined booking and gift card system into the website, simplifying the process for customers. Clients could easily schedule appointments online, select their preferred salon location, and purchase gift cards for themselves or loved ones, enhancing the overall customer experience.

d) Text Messaging Integration:
To facilitate easy communication between Eye Candy Brow Salon and their clients, we integrated a text messaging feature into the website. This allowed customers to directly and conveniently contact the salon for inquiries, appointments, or any other needs they might have.


The collaboration between Lotiva and Eye Candy Brow Salon led to significant improvements in their online presence and customer experience. Key outcomes included:

1. Enhanced User Experience:
The modern website design provided an intuitive and visually appealing experience for visitors. Clients could easily navigate the site, access information about services and salon locations, and book appointments with ease.

2. Increased Convenience for Clients:
The integrated store locator feature allowed clients to quickly locate the nearest salon location, making it convenient to access Eye Candy Brow Salon’s services. The streamlined booking and gift card system further enhanced convenience, enabling customers to schedule appointments and purchase gift cards online.

3. Improved Communication and Customer Service:
The text messaging integration provided a convenient and direct communication channel between Eye Candy Brow Salon and their clients. This facilitated quick and efficient responses to inquiries, ensuring exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Business Growth and Expansion:
With a modern website that effectively showcased their brand and services, Eye Candy Brow Salon experienced increased visibility, attracting new clients and driving business growth. The seamless integration of systems and features contributed to a smoother operation and enhanced customer retention.


Through a collaborative effort, Lotiva successfully helped Eye Candy Brow Salon achieve their goals of a modern website, streamlined operations, and improved customer experience. The revamped website, integrated store locator, booking and gift card system, and text messaging feature have empowered the salon to expand its reach, provide convenient services, and foster strong customer relationships. Eye Candy Brow Salon continues to make a significant impact in the beauty industry, delivering exceptional eyebrow and eyelash services to their valued clients.